a barrier. Adventurer Guirec Soudée Takes Off to Imoca with Freelance.com – Sailing

a barrier. Adventurer Guirec Soudée Takes Off to Imoca with Freelance.com - Sailing

He’s actually traveled the world for five years with a horrific fellow: Monique, his red chicken. By telling his story he made himself known: “I bought a Yvinec, a boat that was not in very good condition and I had no experience offshore. I was told that this was not a good idea. But in life, if we listen often to opinions, we do nothing So I left anyway.” At the age of thirty, after this adventure and crossing double kayaking (Canary Islands – Saint Barth and Chatham – USA – Brest), the Costa Rican decided to fulfill another dream: to do the Vendée Globe.

An interview with Eric Dumont

During the 2016 Vendée Globe event, which followed, he told himself that he too would do well: “I inquired when I went back to France in 2018, but was told that in terms of timing, I would be a perfect fit for 2020.” So Guirec Soudée did something else while waiting for the right moment. “I covered 45,000 miles between the ages of 21 and 26. I feel good and ready: On any adventure if you knew everything was going to happen, you wouldn’t go. But, there, you cross the hurdles one by one.”

As he is paddling, another Vendée Globe watches from afar and asks his shore team to look at the boats they are likely to buy again: “He’s made me dream since I was little. I interviewed Eric Dumont (two Vendée Globes for his account: 4th place in the year 1996 and retired in 2000) and he said to me, “I think it’s a race that suits you well.” You stuck with me. Once you buy the boat, you have to go.

Surrounded by Roland Jordan and coach Sebastian Odegan

He set his sights on Farr’s Plan (2007) in which Benjamin Dutro finished 10th in the last singles round of the world race. “I saw several boats before stopping at Benjamin Dutro. It is a boat with straight stilettos, reliable and high performance but it is a simple boat.” Who humbly admits that he has no experience in Imuka: “I have everything to learn. This boat is perfect for this project.” And to learn fast because time is always short: he will be competing in his first singles race in less than a month (Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race) and he has known how to surround himself with good people. In fact, the captain of the boat is none other than Brestois Sébastien Audigane (talented sailor Figaro, multiple holder of the Jules Verne Cup…) who has sailed on all boats and all seas in the world. But not only, Guirec Soudée will set up her project in the south of Brittany. Specifically in Concarneau: “During my first world tour, I met Bilou (Roland Jordan) and was fascinated by him. I wanted to ask him a billion questions. For this project, I wanted to get close to the immensely experienced Bilou who won the Route du Rhum on the same boat. Kairos will host the project in Concarneau.”

Under the colors of Freelance.com

If he knew he wasn’t going to win races, he still had ambitions. And to do things right, he finds a partner who shares his values. Thanks to a meeting with Sylvester Blavett, general manager of freelance.com, the story began: “It was during a meeting on his island (Livink, in Côtes-d-Armor). Guirec told me about all the projects. We weren’t necessarily looking for sponsorship, but his way of jumping In the water she seduced me. He advocates the same values ​​as us. This is the first time the company has embarked on a sponsorship: “We work in the self-employment market: to simplify and simplify exchanges between the self-employed and companies. We learn about ourselves in this project: freedom, the ability to experience adventures. Guirec is a sea freelancer. In 2015, we acquired the company with 37 million in sales and today, we’re at 670 million. We want to further develop this market: in France, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore.”

Guirec Soudée has put his boat in the water, all that’s left to do is… “I’m going from a tricycle to Formula 1. There’s a lot of work to be up to speed.” And above all, there are miles to be accumulated to make sure it’s at the start of the Vendée Globe. Therefore, he will be in all the races this year and in 2023. At the end of 2022 there will be Rhum Road and he will be happy to be a part of it: “I am very happy to go the Rhum Road, but what scares me, it will be short compared to what I did (laughs) .

The adventurer gets into a competitive mode, but doesn’t want to skip the stages: “The Vendée Globe is above all an adventure. Maybe after the Vendée Globe, I can tell myself it was a mistake and I’ll go somewhere else. But I don’t think so because they are great boats. I’m the one who sailed Always at 2-3 knots, I’d go for 15-20 knots, even 30 knots sometimes. It would be nice.”


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