Adobe: “Really Disconnect”

Adobe: "Really Disconnect"


Adobe France ranks 3And Place in the list of the best workplaces in the category of 250 to 999 employees.

againstringing…Caring for employees … This idea is at the heart of Adobe France’s HR policy. On the eve of the opening of its new offices in Paris, in March 2020, the subsidiary of the American software publisher (Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.) must close due to the pandemic.

For more than a year, it has put in place initiatives to keep the link: virtual cafes, conferences on work-life balance, and extra days off.

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After a year, some measures remain relevant, such as leave if an employee or a loved one is affected by Covid or a ‘well-being’ day.

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“Once a month, all company offices around the world close on the same day Explains Karen Voeren, director of human resources for Western Europe. This allows our employees to really unplug from work.” In recent months, Adobe has also ramped up internal mobility to respond to the thirst for change after Covid and to remobilize talent.

Encourage parenting

For remote work, Adobe France has opted for two or three days a week. “We are still looking for this new organization, Karen Foeren says:. We test best practices. Being in the office should make sense. Creating a new work experience while cementing the community and sense of belonging to the company has become a key issue.”

Strengthening paternity is also a major focus with parental leave longer than the statutory term: six months of maternity leave, four of paternity leave set up for November 2021 and four of adoption leave.

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Finally, Adobe encourages diversity and inclusion. Intranets “women”, “LGBT”, “black employees”, “Asians” are active in France. Different personalities are taken care of so that everyone can contribute to the creativity of the company.


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