Advantages and Disadvantages of VSE Companies and SMEs

Advantages and Disadvantages of VSE Companies and SMEs


Collaboration with the freelancer can be a real asset for SMEs and SMEs, and can have an impact on the challenges of growing small structures. But before embarking on the adventure, it seems important to understand the details of such cooperation.

Advantages and disadvantages of VSE/SME for working with freelancers

Calling a freelance worker has many advantages for VSE facilities and SMEs, in order to achieve set, often ambitious goals. This kind of cooperation makes it possible in particular:

  • Benefit from advanced experiences: Smaller structures may face talent shortages, either because popular profiles turn into larger, more attractive companies, or because lack of financial resources hampers recruitment. Thus, freelancers allow VSE companies and SMEs to access specific knowledge for specific, specific tasks.
  • Gain flexibility and productivity: Freelancers are a high-quality, readily available resource for small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. It allows them to find the right skills at the right time and helps them to be more responsive in certain tasks and tasks.
  • Take advantage of a fresh and innovative look: SMEs and SMEs can not only benefit from the breadth of knowledge of an independent service provider, but also from their perspective outside the company, which can inject new ideas. Thus the self-employed can be a vector of innovation by introducing new methods and tools collected during their multiple experiences.
  • savings: For SMEs and SMEs whose means are limited, self-employed people represent a lower cost since they are on schedule. In addition, they are independent and already have the necessary equipment for their work.
  • Employee training: Established teams can acquire new skills by contacting independent service providers. Agile, constantly updating skills and anticipating trends, they can participate in the exchange of knowledge and knowledge.

The disadvantages of working with freelancers are somewhat related to the uncertainty about the sustainability of the collaboration. In fact, VSE or SME can depend on the availability and schedule of freelance work that often works with multiple clients. On the other hand, it is important to note that not all jobs are suitable for self-employment. That is why it is necessary to determine whether it is a long-term need, which requires employment or not.

Criteria for successful collaboration with a freelance translator for VSE companies and SMEs

A study on self-employment in Europe in 2022 asserts that interest in a job is twice as important as the level of pay, according to French independent employers. The report particularly encourages choice of communication and flexibility for effective collaboration with freelancers.

For good collaboration, it is also necessary to include independent service providers in the meetings and allow them to truly integrate into the projects they are called upon. In general, it is necessary to allow them to immerse themselves in the culture of the company and know how to project the values ​​of the organization. It is also important to appreciate the specific skills that are mobilized for a project. Thus, the study by Malt and BCG in particular showed the critical criteria on which the French independents were based, among which we find:

  • Good relationship with the project team,
  • clear and concise summary,
  • Regular communication with the team,
  • The knowledge and skills mobilized for the project.

How do you choose a freelancer?

Choosing a freelance worker is just as important as hiring an employee with a fixed-term or permanent contract. Here are the different steps to follow to choose a freelance translator for VSE or SME:

  • Determine your needs: This step is essential to perfecting your prospecting strategy. This includes listing your requirements and the skills required to fill the assignments, in order to best target the Independent Service Provider.
  • See prices paid: If the use of a freelance translator represents a lower cost for small structures, it is advisable to find out the pricing policy applicable in the market, but also according to seniority. From there, it is possible to establish a coherent budget.
  • Freelance Experience Rating: If the profile looks interesting, feel free to refer to the work carried out to estimate the quality of the previously performed work, and read the reviews of its customers. As with hiring, it is possible, and even advisable, to contact several self-employed workers before making a decision.

Note that VSE and SMEs can easily use freelance platforms. This is a list of a large number of freelance providers and their skills, in various fields such as writing, graphic design, development or customer service.

What tasks can VSE companies and SMEs delegate to the self-employed?

By calling in freelancers, VSE and SMEs have the ability to delegate time-consuming tasks, in order to refocus on the priorities inherent in the development of the company. Among the tasks that it is possible, and sometimes even recommended, to provide to an independent service provider, we can note:

  • Accounting : In SMEs and SMEs, it is often necessary to delegate accounting tasks. These require technical and meticulous skills, which is why it seems wise to outsource this type of task to gain efficiency and eliminate some waste of time.
  • HR : This particularly involves outsourcing administrative tasks, payroll management or even legal advice.
  • customers service: Engaged in customer acquisition and retention, customer service cannot be neglected. That is why it is advisable to delegate it to specialized external service providers.

Note: A study conducted by Dataform on self-employment in France showed that the percentage of self-employed workers was the highest in the sectors of finance, management and procurement.


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