Best VR Headsets to Buy in 2022

Best VR Headsets to Buy in 2022


Update 02/17/2022 – If Sony provides a file PlayStation VR 2The new virtual reality headset that will fully harness the power of the PlayStation 5 during CES isn’t about to be released. Sony is said to be still looking for a specialist in eye tracking technology and although its price is still unknown, it is expected to be very high. Regarding the PSVR 2 release, Sony is still confident to evoke 2022… Also note that we’ve tried the futuristic tactile glove for Quest 2, a small step up to tactile virtual reality and that we’ve included the essential accessories forOculus Quest 2. wIf you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or on our PC forum.

1. Oculus Quest 2: Still the best standalone VR headset

Best VR Headsets to Buy in 2022

The Oculus Quest is updated in 2020. The device is cheaper than its predecessor, but also more powerful. Facebook didn’t stop there, because the device is also lighter, faster, and more comfortable. Can be used independently or with a computer via USB, it remains an excellent gateway to virtual reality for people who do not yet have a headset. This is our current reference.

Love : Wireless and unrestricted All-in-One display, intuitive, clear and defined image, excellent tracking of headphone or console movements, controlled heat dissipation, and the price is (still) more affordable than its predecessor

we don’t like : Its autonomy may be greater, it is necessary to provide a battery budget for the consoles and it is necessary to connect to the Facebook account.

To discover virtual reality without taking the initiative, there is the Oculus Quest 2. The headset reminds us of the Nintendo Switch for its versatility, the fun it offers and its quick start-up. It has a highly efficient independent tracking system, a high-resolution display and built-in speakers. Applications are downloaded directly to the internal storage of the headset. It works independently, without cables or a smartphone but you can also connect it to a computer via a simple USB-C cable. The Oculus Quest, in our opinion, is the undisputed standard of VR headsets for consumers.

2. Sony PlayStation VR: The best VR headset for PS4 and PS5

Best VR Headsets to Buy in 2022

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are used with a PC, PSVR with its PS4. It’s the perfect solution to savor the VR experience at a lower cost, provided of course you own a Sony console. Another advantage of this solution is to be able to enjoy the company’s support for a more comprehensive game catalog that will be enriched in the coming months with many blockbuster movies. On the other hand, PSVR/PS4 pairs will provide lower performance than that which can be found on PC.

Love : Lots of games, at a low price, that work with many PS4 consoles like DualShock and Move.

we don’t like : Resolution isn’t recent, Sony has yet to make VR consoles to match the competition.

In January 2022, Sony finally introduced the new PSVR 2 headset to make the most of the graphics and computing performance of the PlayStation 5. If the Japanese manufacturer is still offering the 2022 PlayStation VR 2 version (at best), this headset is “next gen” ( Eye tracking, 4K HDR OLED display, 120Hz refresh rate) shouldn’t be given up. While we wait for the release of PlayStation VR 2, the first PlayStation VR is still going strong and running on both PS4 and PS5.

3. HTC Vive Cosmos: Still the best VR headset for PC

Best VR Headsets to Buy in 2022

HTC did something rare when they designed their new VR headset: they listened to their customers! The result was an all-new “standalone” model dubbed the Vive Cosmos. It’s basically better in every respect than the Vive that came before it. Better comfort, a more efficient screen and a simplified installation without base stations, Vive Cosmos improves on an already compelling Vive experience. The price is still very elitist.

Love : Modular interfaces for additional functionality, integrated tracking, and a reversal shield.

we don’t like : More expensive than the original Vive.

Vive Cosmos features independent tracking and a higher resolution screen than Vive 2016. It also has interchangeable interfaces that allow you to add mixed reality cameras and external sensor tracking to more advanced applications. A highly recommended option for gamers with the hardware and budget to play it right.

At the crossroads of worlds, Metavers

There are many VR headsets out there, which is an evolution sector and now requires a comparison to help you choose the VR headset that best suits your needs. Because if VR headsets were designed above all for the professional world (health, cars, aviation, etc.) and gamers, now they are open to a wider audience.

We first think of the Oculus Quest 2, a standalone VR headset that ticks all the boxes to deliver an excellent VR experience to users, and is now the best Facebook/Meta Trojan for the popular Metavers avatar. PC and console enthusiasts will continue to turn to solutions that will make the most of the power of their devices, so HTC Vive Cosmos remains a good choice. Finally, PS 4 and PS 5 owners will still be able to consider PlayStation VR 1 carefully, waiting for the default PlayStation VR 2 release in 2022…or later.

How much space do you need to use a VR headset at home?

Unless you’re using it sitting down to watch a video, for example, you’ll necessarily need some space around you so you don’t hurt yourself or destroy your environment. The VR headset must be calibrated upon installation in all cases.

Is the VR headset standalone?

In fact, some VR headsets are completely standalone and only require joysticks to navigate through the menus. This is the case of the Oculus Quest 2, for example. However, other models need a powerful smartphone or computer to work.

Where can I find content for my VR headset?

Each manufacturer has its own online store with content dedicated to virtual reality. You’ll also find VR video games on Steam, 360-degree videos on YouTube, or apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In our article, you will find the best VR games for Oculus Quest, PSVR, and other VR headsets.

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