Danny’s Party, Ditch the Sources, Wine… 13 Taurine Weekend Event

Danny's Party, Ditch the Sources, Wine... 13 Taurine Weekend Event


At La Riche, Cie Diotima performs Farewell to Federico Friday and Saturday at the Château de Plessis. Time: 6:30pm for appetizers, 8pm for performance (prices €8-14). It was organized by José-Manuel Cano-Lopez, the French Andalusian whose activities are installed in the monument. dirty: Two evenings of trying to forget Federico’s last night under the quivering stars of the barren hills of Wisnar on August 19, 1936, the night of the poet’s assassination. Its characters, landscapes, dreams and fears wander among olive trees and oak trees. A “drum” from the heart is a definitive and lively tribute to the Andalusian poet, painter, musician and playwright and an attempt to “bring the scent of the sea into the theater hall and flood the orchestra with stars.”

Reservations at 02 47 38 29 29.

Otherwise despite the spring weather it is room Welcome to the beautiful autumn It is served this Saturday at 8:30 pm and on Sunday at 4 pm at the Théâtre de Vaugarni in Pont-de-Ruan (prices from 10 to 13 euros). It’s written by Compagnie Cavalcade with 4 actors and 20 characters for a joyous and amazing dive into the world of nursing homes. Observation, irony, emotion, unbridled gradation and absolute doers are announced. Answering machine reservations: 02 47 73 24 74.


You know Danny, who we always bring back to the tube like a boomerang With Etienne Dahou? It’s Tourangelle now and above all performing on Friday in the Oésia Room on Notre-Dame-d’Oé at 8.30pm. (16 to 25 euros). Introducing the evening: Danny returns with Golden Horizons, a new artwork produced by Renaud Letang, whose arrangements, rock and rock and roll, signed by Emilie Marsh, highlight his unique and very familiar sound. On stage, Danny, accompanied by Emily March on electric guitar, performs her songs in a hybrid show where she pays tribute to the women who have marked her life – Francoise Sagan, Marilyn Monroe, George Sand, Anis Nin…. – through excerpts from read texts and personal anecdotes.

In another, but at the same time, theatre, Beaumarchais in Amboise is programming a musical sketch: black boy After Richard Wright. an offer : issued in 1945, black boy It is the first novel written by a black man about his living conditions. The author recounts his childhood and adolescence in the racist American South at the beginning of the twentieth century. The show delivers a sensitive vibration of this mythical and animated novel, which on stage blends an actor, musician, and animator. From 13 years, places from 6 to 13 euros.

Solidarity parties…

Not a week without an event for the benefit of the Ukrainian people, the victims of the war with Russia. This Saturday, in Balan Merry, a musical evening consisting of three moments with the participation of the Ensemble Encounter is organized under the direction of Pierre Souvlet, the Passeport des Arts and its work Piano T aimed at promoting young local artists and the Jacques de Bon choir.

The program for this concert, scheduled for 6pm at La Parenthèse, will include works for flutes, violin, cello and piano, as well as the atmosphere of the choir. Participation is free, and the entire donation will be made to the Humanitarian Association Turin Ukraine, to help Ukrainian refugees in particular in Turin and which organizes caravans of donations to the disputed country. Reservations: [email protected].

Then a concert for the SAMU Social of the Red Cross of Tours is organized on Saturday at 8:30 pm at Saint Roch’s Chapel in Bretonneau Hospital. Admission 10 euros (free for children under 12). She will be with the Chant’Avertin Choir created in 2007 and has about 40 members. The repertoire of this choir is varied with four mixed voices: French and international variety, excerpts from classical works, songs from Baroque music, gospels, traditional songs, film music, etc.

Good plan…

This Saturday, La Ressourcerie La Charpentière is stocking large quantities from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. As a reminder, this is a place that offers a lot of second-hand items. It is located just behind TotalEnergies station on Boulevard Tonnellé, on the border between Tours and La Riche.

And if you have electrical or electronic items in your home that you no longer use and want to dispose of them smartly (i.e. don’t throw them in the trash) note that a Saturday collection is organized in front of François Mitterrand Media Library in Tours Nord and Place de la Mairie in Saint-Pierre-de-Cours. More information from Unis-Cité Indre-et-Loire (Instagram uniscite37).

Filling the cellar…

This Saturday Bléré celebrates wines from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Place Bidault. Several winegrowers/caves will attend: Le Cellier de Beaujardin, Le Château de Fontenay and Amicalement Vin. At 11 a.m., a concert against drinks and bass on foot by the duo CVBP, 3 p.m. Show La Cave de Garance by Compagnie des Sans Laces and 5 p.m. Concert La Gastronomie Musicale by Harmony Orchestra of Bléré.

A delicious outing…

It’s Sunday in Schedini in the south of Turin. 6 km walk with Professor Picucci. Prices: between 2 and 4 euros. Departure at 8:45 am from the Péliau car park at the village entrance towards Chambourg-sur-Indre. Reservations are recommended on 06 10 40 89 13.

New technologies…

Polytech Tours organizes on Friday and Saturday 24 hours of 3D printing. It happens in the DMS. Action: 2 PM, contenders for the two challenges organized during this event are welcomed. From Friday 4pm to Saturday 4pm, both challenges will take place! You can go and support the candidates during the two quizzes: Free 3D object creation and Mysterious object making … From 7 pm until 1 am there will be concerts! Music club and professional band. Catering on site.

Meet at Sashi…

This Sunday, the Balzac Museum welcomes author Thomas Gero to discuss his literary approach and hear in person, Designer’s opinionhis text about Pierre Ripert, a pharmacist from Marseille, who undertook to sculpt the figures of La Comédie-Homene in the 1930s… Watch it… Sew it.

Price: €8.50 / €7.50 (includes entrance to the museum) or €2.50 (conference only). Reservations at 02 47 26 86 50 or [email protected].


Saturday evening is a defining moment for Tours volleyball: they welcome Narbonne at 8pm in the semi-finals of Ligue 1 Championship. The winner of the final will advance because the two teams won a match in the first match. Home and away match.


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