The training market is doing well, very well. It represents in France more than 32 billion euros annually. While 1% of coaching organizations account for 44% of the market, more and more freelance coaches are starting.

To successfully retrain as an independent coach, solid experience and a rich career are not enough. To ensure the sustainability and success of your project, support is essential. This is the goal of forming DOCEO. This organization trains freelance coaches and increases their visibility thanks to its platform of linking training offers and requests. A starting point for a new life. Meet Vincent Mullet, Co-Founder and President of Doceo Formation.

Why this madness for independent coach status?

The allure of freelance coach status is part of a more general trend of freelance coach status. By offering more independence and responsibility, it has become an interesting and sustainable alternative to paid work. Reconciling career and personal life is a priority today. Becoming a coach allows you to choose the pace of your life and tasks, while enhancing your professional experience.

Doceo Formation accompanies these changes and also sets itself the task of making the labor market more flexible. Through reliable partnerships with Pôle Emploi, we support qualified professionals in the event of long-term unemployment for their return to working life. Becoming a coach is a cohesive and rewarding opportunity. The goal: for them to leverage the valuable trading experience they have developed throughout their career to bounce back.

Doceo Formation is committed to shortage of professions, particularly in construction and industry. We encourage professional retraining in these technical occupations, which often involve significant hardship and require solid experience. This second professional wind, freer and less physically demanding, is very useful and even necessary in the business world, which lacks trainers under professional training contracts.

Plumbers, masons, industrial maintenance technicians…great opportunities open up with training. Doceo Formation is improving the chances of success of this new activity through personal monitoring.

How do you support candidates for independent coach status?

Don’t go from earning a wage to being an entrepreneur without a few adjustments. Doceo Formation has developed an e-learning program consisting of 160 training hours, divided into three modules: become a teacherAnd Become a freelance coach and 2.0 And Understanding quality issues in vocational training.

Initially, it is necessary to understand what pedagogy and its practice are, by learning to create its own training content. By becoming a teacher, Doceo Formation provides business experts with the necessary educational method to impart their knowledge. This training has been approved by the Certificate “Designing a Hybrid Learning Path: Face-to-Face and Distance”.

The second training allows a step-by-step transition to an independent mode, and more specifically the creation of a microorganism for training. We sweep the topic of laws and obligations relating to the activity of self-employed workers and the organization of training. We give our future coaches the weapons to properly understand their market. Thus, at the end of the training, everyone will have done market analysis and competitive analysis, set their business goals and adapt their business brochure to their future prospects!

Finally, we address the qualitative aspects of vocational training. What are the requirements for the Qualiopi Standard and what impact does it have on the daily life of a freelance coach? How do you evaluate its training activity and take into account the satisfaction of the beneficiaries? Just like many of the topics covered and treated until a full understanding of this main topic.

Today, several hundred professionals have become trained thanks to Doceo Formation.

Doceo Formation is also a platform for linking training offer and demand…

We provide 10,000 freelance coaches on the Doceo Formation platform with optimal visibility into their 1,000 reference skills. We work closely with many companies and training organizations that need these specific skills.

The platform also provides access to many free services for coaches, such as a module to help create their educational and financial assessment (annual commitment to training professionals), create a professional resume or manage business appointments. Added to this are about 2,000 training presentations referenced by Doceo formation teams.

Doceo Formation, the right reaction to independent coaches?

This is our goal! Everything is designed for their success. Our values ​​of benevolence, availability and upskilling are a satisfactory framework for considering and succeeding in professional retraining. To negotiate this exciting and often troubling transformation, we chose to put people at the center. And so Doceo Formation became, in just a few months, the premium partner for independent coaches.

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