Download the free Adobe Acrobat extension on Futura

Download the free Adobe Acrobat extension on Futura


The Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome goes beyond the simple functions of opening and printing PDF documents that are already available in most web browsers. Only available for your web browser Google Chrome, this free extension allows adding annotations, highlighting and debugging certain elements of a document on any computer, even on Linux computers. In fact, since there are quite a few PDF editors for this operating system, this extension can become an interesting alternative, since it can also be set as the default PDF viewer.

Privacy and lightness, this free official extension developed by Adobe provides basic functionality for editing PDF documents without the need to download and install the dedicated software. Adobe Acrobat Reader DCIt is also only compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

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The interface provided by the extension is translated into French and is still very easy to learn. Among the features, it is clear that users will have the ability to open, download and print a PDF document, as before without using the extension. But they will also be able to add comments and share saved reviews, fill out editable forms that contain them and put their signature on them (via the drawing tool or online service). They will also be able to delete and rearrange document pages, highlight text, draw on circle elements, or write manually using the drawing tool. They can then save an edited copy of the PDF document to their local computer or mobile device.

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Note that in the right column users have other free tools, but they are only available in the online service. By clicking on it, they are automatically redirected to the Adobe website that offers these free tools: convert, compress, and digital signature.

Finally, with the sync system of Google Chrome browser, you can easily find this extension without the need for manual installation on all your devices.


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