Enjoy 87% off on Udemy

Enjoy 87% off on Udemy


Do you dream of becoming a web designer, to unleash your imagination and creativity? Web jobs are in demand and there are more and more job offers in this field. Web design is essential when creating a website, as the web designer steps in to make the website more visually appealing.

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The web designer perceives the visual identity of the website according to customer expectations and technical limitations. It defines specifications, ergonomics, tree structure, navigation mode, graphical charter… To become a web designer, you must have technical skills and artistic sense.

Training offer: becoming a web designer

In this complete course, you will learn how to format the different elements of a website: buttons, form, FAQ… After this training, you will be able to design a website design with a home page, header and footer. You will have the information needed to export your images and icons in the appropriate format. To create beautiful images, Photoshop and Adobe XD tricks will be revealed to you.

This training will allow you to acquire the skills to create wireframes, a tool that offers many advantages. Knowing how to present your work is essential to impressing your clients and gaining their approval, which is why in this course you are given all the keys to success. By following the tips, you can be on the cutting edge of trends and you will always find good ideas. Finding clients is not always easy, which is why in this instructable we are guiding you in this direction, to attract your clients.

To follow this Udemy course, no specific skills are needed but you must know the basics of graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator… This training is for beginners, intermediates, students, freelancers or people in retraining.

5 good reasons to become a web designer

The web designer profession is very much in demand and has potential in the future, every company is using and developing a website this tool has become a must. If you are creative, curious, like graphic design and the internet, then this job is for you! By continuing with the training, you will learn techniques for determining the best visual identities for a website. You’ll have the freedom to choose your status, as in most digital professions. Would you rather be freelance or work for a company? By being independent, you manage your schedules as you wish and according to your inspiration in the moment.

Web Designer is necessary to communicate with a company, and the brand image is built in part thanks to the charter of graphics and visual elements. Your business will quickly become indispensable. You will have to put your creativity at the service of a project, the profession of web designer and often a passionate one. Many people dream of making a living doing something they love, so why not do it?

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