Erics is having difficulties recruiting for certain positions

Erics is having difficulties recruiting for certain positions


Although Erics (Specialized Technical Solutions for Fluid Transfer and Seal) is driven by a 6% activity growth during 2021, with a turnover of €47 million, it is struggling to fill certain positions.

With positive results, due to in-house investments (modernization of production machines, acquisition of innovative solutions such as 3D printing from silicone and relocation to its subsidiary Saint-Marcellin in Isère in the Czech Republic), Eriks, headquartered in Décines, has hired a dynamic company that also has a policy Recruitment with about fifty recruitments to a total of 270 employees in France.

“We have talents that we are trying to retain first but we continue to look for collaborators as operators, accountants or salespeople. We are also struggling to fill some management positions.”, notes Vincent Lagarrig, CEO of Erics France. However, the manager explains how to calibrate the job descriptions of the hiring specialists by outlining the exact specifications.

Five vacancies

“Some jobs are filled after only nine months compared to a few months before that”notes Vincent Lagarrige who is receiving an increasing number of candidates who are not necessarily experienced in the sector of activity in which Erics operates. “However, we train employees and are located in modern and easily accessible locations near Lyon. I know the industry does not necessarily attract candidates, but I wonder what sectors they are moving into when we see that many other professions are also in tension while unemployment has not been so low , “ asks Vincent Lagarrig. Currently, five positions at Erics have yet to be filled, including one in accounting and one in valve management. “In the meantime, we are asking for more staff in their places, but the situation cannot continue over time.”



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