How virtual reality is revolutionizing healthcare

How virtual reality is revolutionizing healthcare


Virtual reality technology is currently gaining prominence in the medical world. Therefore, it is more and more present in this sector. In fact, it is above all in the process of revolutionizing care and treatment. Here’s how I did it.

We often refer to the “gaming” world when we talk about virtual reality. Some people think technology is for the video game world. It is true that virtual reality is widely used in this field. However, it is now also used in more and more sectors, namely tourismThe sportsme’the carsEntrepreneurship and many more. Today, medicine is no exception to this trend either. This is exactly how virtual reality has revolutionized the medical field.

VR Medicine

A way to improve surgeon training

Currently there Many applications Virtual reality technology in medicine. Among these, there is, first of all, improved training of surgeons. You should know that virtual reality training and learning solutions in the health sector are currently increasing in number around the world.

This is evident given the multiplicity of requests from surgeons. osu v r, an American startup, is a concrete example. In fact, she has set herself a goalsecurity improvement Sick, but not only. He also intends to democratize access to various modern orthopedic techniques by medical students and surgeons.

In order to perform such tasks, you of course intend to use virtual reality. To create its own training platform, the startup formed a Multidisciplinary team Experts from internationally recognized institutions. We can cite, among others, Harvard University, Microsoft, Medtronic, etc. Nowadays, the young company is already benefiting from partnerships with major American medical schools.

Aside from Osso VR, many other startups have also embarked on improving medical education. There is, for example, the VR surgical training giant Basic.

A new way to fight pain

Using virtual reality technology in medicine, health professionals are entitled to a highly effective tool for overcoming pain. This is also a solution non-therapeutic. So it can be used to relieve chronic pain such as cancer. It can even be used to relieve labor pain without having to resort to an epidural.

It can also be used to treat severe burns as well as postoperative patients. We must admit that virtual reality is really ” therapeutic Los Angeles-based Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, among others, conducted a study on the effectiveness of VR against pain.

Its researchers conducted the study on some 120 patients Between 2016 and 2017. They then compared a group with access to relaxation sessions on a screen with another group using virtual reality in the care pathway. This allowed them to demonstrate that therapeutic virtual reality is able to reduce any severe pain in hospitalized patients in a safe and effective manner.

The use of pharmaceutical products is also significantly decreased. It should not be forgotten that these products in some cases carry the risk of addiction. According to the researchers, the most likely theory is that virtual reality is able to shift the brain’s attention away from potential pain stimuli.

VR Medicine

A way to improve rehabilitation methods

The use of virtual reality in medicine is also improving various methods of rehabilitation. These include, among others, rehabilitation after a brain attack. A Swiss startup called MindMaze She, for example, has developed rehabilitation programs for stroke patients.

I developed it Together with the experts, including therapists, neuroscientists, video game developers, and engineers. Thanks to MindMaze’s solutions, any therapist can help his or her patients resuscitate their paralyzed limbs. The software used makes it possible to virtually simulate their movements and gestures.

Virtual reality is also effective in improving the rehabilitation of paraplegics. It is also possible to conduct physical therapy sessions in virtual reality. Nowadays, many startups are turning to the latter to conduct physical therapy sessions More efficient. We can remember XRHealth and KinéQuantum.

For XRHealth in particular, the company just launched a file Telehealth clinic In VR March 2020. This is the first of its kind in the world. So the platform offers all kinds of therapeutic applications of virtual reality that are immersive and innovative. It helps to overcome a variety of physical, emotional and neurocognitive symptoms.

An effective disease prevention solution

Virtual reality is an excellent tool for many patients to better understand their health condition. Virtual reality technology is used in the world of medicine, and it is already able to provide that Reconstruction Detailed and understandable virtual representation of different body parts.

Thanks to this, any patient can Understanding the principles of each treatment, which will certainly make the intervention more satisfactory. We can, among other things, take for example Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which has launched a preventive program with a church in Los Angeles.

The goal was to lower high blood pressure in a community in south Los Angeles. As part of the program, participants watched a VR . video on a smart phone. The video introduced them to the effects of sodium on the body. She explained to them how eating foods rich in sodium can lead to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

By living the experience in virtual reality and seeing salt harm their bodies and hearts, they can be more motivating to change their diet. In short, virtual reality is a very effective disease prevention solution.

VR Medicine

A way to beat any addiction

The use of virtual reality technology in medicine also makes it possible to overcome any addiction. In other words, it can be useful in helping a person recover from addiction to certain substances. For this, health professionals generally use progressive exposure techniques.

They also accompany their patients in order to better follow their development in the face of their addiction. For the process to be effective, doctors often tend to incorporateusual environment For each patient in simulated positions.

Virtual reality is currently widely used in various applications of Fitness. then allowed Enhance physical activity Daily. For this, it makes it more fun. So the popular apps play every physical exercise. It provides users with rewards and goals to achieve while immersed in a beautiful landscape.

A true empathy tool for healthcare professionals

Some hospitals use virtual reality simulator To enable clinicians to understand their patients more efficiently and quickly. We must not forget that it can be difficult for these health professionals to get a feel for what it means to have a serious illness, for example.

Thus, most diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease or migraine, can be simulated in virtual reality. Through this, doctors have the opportunity to discover and I understand better What patients experience. During this famous simulation, they encounter all kinds of specific health problems.

It can also be found in some real life situations. They may, among other things, be the victim of verbal abuse in a scenario where domestic violence prevails. According to some studies, for anyone who has been involved in a virtual reality simulation, the experience is significantly more impactful.

In short, doctors who use virtual reality technology as a tool for empathy are definitely More Share in the different needs of their patients. Also, they have the opportunity to understand what it means to be their patients.

Virtual reality: impact on mental health?

Virtual reality is currently known in the medical world as a way to help patients stress relief, but not only. It also allows them to fight anxiety, leading to a relaxed or more peaceful state of mind. For this, they must wear a VR headset and participate in a simulation developed to calm their minds.

With such a method, the people involved would have the opportunity to gain it very quickly Better meditative abilities. They wouldn’t even need several years of training to get there. Technology can also help individuals who are not very fond of disciplines, such as yoga, to get into a flowing state in the shortest possible time.

Note that some patients may think that virtual reality is used to it to treat their mind, which is completely wrong. In fact, virtual reality is far from a “mind trick” according to Dr. Brennan Spiegel of Cedars-Sinai. In fact, it simply helps train the mind in a different way.


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