How VR and AR are transforming shopping and e-commerce

How VR and AR are transforming shopping and e-commerce


VR technology has the potential to completely change the world of commerce, especially shopping and e-commerce. It provides all kinds of new opportunities for various players in the field. Thanks to virtual reality, retailers will be able to better defend themselves against online sales giants, such asAmazon.

Just as in the field marketing And from here medicineCurrently, virtual reality is transforming shopping and e-commerce. This is compelling evidence that virtual reality technology is no longer for the world of video games as many people think. Therefore, virtual reality, like augmented reality, is now seen as the future of commerce, especially retail. Here’s how the two technologies transform this universe, leading to virtual commerce or virtual commerce.

Virtual Reality Trading

Customers respond positively to the possibilities offered by VR and AR

A study was conducted on 1000 consumers. They were asked how they found trading through virtual and augmented reality technology. The result of the survey made it possible to know to what extent customers have very positive perception Virtual Reality.

In fact, more than half of the participants said they could better imagine Any product they want to buy through VR and AR. They also added that it allowed them to make important decisions about different products more easily.

Moreover, a certain number of those surveyed declared that they prefer merchants who offer a VR . app or AR to buy from others. They believe that the use of such a tool has a direct impact on their purchasing decisions. It should be noted that young people are most interested, and therefore they are those who have a positive reaction to the possibilities offered by virtual reality.

Customers can interact with any brand and its products in a whole new way

For some people, there is nothing more boring than shopping. They even see it as a chore while others consider it a fun experience. VR is used in the world of commerce Change this point of view.

It gives customers the opportunity to interact with different brands and the products they are selling in a whole new way. that it especially practical When the products in question offer several functions, and are bulky, like a car.

For car manufacturer Lexus, for example, it is using virtual reality to let its customers drive and a test its cars without leaving the showroom. Of course, this is something you don’t see every day. So this is clearly a good strategy to attract potential customers.

Virtual Reality Trading

Virtual reality improves online shopping experiences

Virtual reality is a kind ofextension Online purchases. With these, consumers can discover the different products they want to buy just through photos, videos, and product sheets. With virtual reality technology, it’s completely different.

In fact, it gives customers the opportunity to explore virtual stores without having to travel. In addition, they can pick up and inspect any item displayed in these stores in 3D before making any decision. Sellers represented by the virtual avatar can advise them, answer their questions, etc. To better assist them with their purchases.

It should never be forgotten that consumers always want to see what a product looks like in terms of style and quality before you buy it. However, they often do not have time to explore the physical stores. Thanks to the use of VR in e-commerce, they can now view every product from top to bottom online using a VR headset.

Virtual reality can be useful in market research

The use of virtual and augmented reality is not limited to stores in the world of commerce. It can also be used very well for research purposeseven if the audience has not yet participated.

Merchants can use virtual and augmented reality for I understand better What consumers expect of them, eg. They can also tell how they want to interact with their brand.

In the field of travel, among other things, consumers can get an idea of ​​the destinations they would like to choose for their vacation before spending their money thanks to VR. In other words, they can then Try before you buy. For their part, travel companies save time and money because they already know the true desires of their customers.

Virtual Reality Online Shopping

Virtual reality helps build social communities

Always looking for different brands effective method to build social communities. For this, most of them distribute all kinds of content on social networks, for example. True, this increases the commitment between customers and brands.

However, this does not help at all to create a real community. So customers are not encouraged to interact with each other. Fortunately, VR can come in handy for Bid change. In fact, it gives real people the opportunity to meet in impressive virtual environments. So it can be retail environments.

Thus, these individuals have the opportunity to meet around their common interests in particular products or brands. Also, they can share various anecdotes and tips. They can finally feel part of a file real community. Then, merchants can use the latter to create buzz around new product launches, among other things.

Consumers increasingly have access to virtual and augmented reality

Whether in commerce or otherwise, virtual reality and augmented reality are increasingly becoming available to the general public. Various manufacturers of virtual reality headphonesFor example, they are constantly creating new platforms for virtual reality, which are also increasingly growing Affordable, Affordable, Affordable.

Dealers can then seize the opportunity to Harness the true potential Of these techniques are famous in the exercise of their activity. They have the opportunity to create unique 3D environments to better capture the attention of their customers.

For this, they will therefore not have to make large investments. In short, all players in the trading world should therefore consider creating a profile virtual reality strategy And they increased from now on in order to break into the field better. It must be said that VR and AR are the future of shopping and e-commerce.

Consumer attitude towards virtual reality

Virtual reality is not limited to exploring specific locations. It has been proven that 37% of Internet users seek to use it to plan their trip. In fact, this technology will make it possible to physically walk in several different destinations before booking a flight.

In addition, a recent survey found that gambling is the reason for a third of respondents’ interest in gambling. This trend is not surprising as this sector was an early adopter of virtual reality and continues to be the main virtual reality space.

That’s not all, 80% of respondents said they are familiar with virtual reality. While 79% of them wanted to take advantage of it, whether they had VR equipment or not.

VR: How is e-commerce transforming?

Another study showed that consumers think so Virtual reality is the future of e-commerce. Two-thirds of them would like to make purchases through this system, and 63% expect virtual reality experiences to be more accessible to them. The researchers found with satisfaction that 35% of them said this concept would encourage them more to shop online.

In this field, there are many players, however, not all of them necessarily have to adapt to the activity and especially to the necessary maturity in terms of online sales. This is exactly why the location been imagined. This is the solution for anyone who wants it Focus on their catalogs and strategy Telecommunications.

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