Is virtual reality the future of man?

Is virtual reality the future of man?


We’ve been talking about virtual reality for a long time, for good and bad. What is virtual reality, and why is it used? And above all, what will be the place of virtual reality in our lives in a few years? We will explain everything to you.

What is virtual reality?

For starters, what is virtual reality? VR comes from virtual reality, the popular virtual reality. By definition, virtual reality is an expression that refers to devices that allow a digital simulation of an environment by a device.

In other words, a machine like a computer or a smartphone Create the world. This world is completely digital, and it allows the person who uses virtual reality to evolve in it. as in One ready playerSpielberg movie adapted from the novel of the same name!

Please note that virtual reality should not be confused with augmented reality. Virtual reality creates an entire world while augmented reality imposes digital reality on the real world. The best known examples of augmented reality are filters snap chat or the game pokemon go. Another difference is the fact that virtual reality requires a certain headset to enter and interact with this new world.

There is a third technique between the two: it is called Mixed reality. Like virtual reality, it requires a special headset to use it, but it also allows you to interact with the real world in the same way as augmented reality.

VR today

back to Virtual RealityLet’s see where it is located. Today, it can be used in almost all industries. But some of them are special, notably video games.

When we talk about virtual reality, we often think of video games, which is perfectly normal since it’s the first area you use. In 2020, nearly a third of VR revenue came from games. why ? Because the biggest game publishers have quickly entered the field, anticipating the future of games. We are especially thinking about Sony PlayStation VR or for HTC Vive from Steam. today, FB I got into the race and caught up well skylight.

Regarding other areas, we can mention medicine. Uses VR For training, in particular for operations training.

Real estate, for its part, offers remote home visits. We can also design the work and see a better presentation of the future result at home. Besides, Ikea offers a file Kitchen virtual reality experiencein order to design your kitchen to order.

These uses are not yet widespread, but they are spreading more and more in our daily life.

Even if virtual reality begins everywhere, it is only at the beginning of its history. not so long ago, Mark Zuckerberg Changed the group name FB by dead. What’s the relationship with VR ? Mark Zuckerberg She has big ambitions, and her new priority is to create the metaverse.

The idea of ​​the metaverse is to have a 3D parallel digital universe, where all people can connect and find each other. You are definitely wondering what is the link with virtual reality? Simply access method. Since it is a 3D world, the best way to navigate in it is to use Virtual Reality.

Metaverse idea FB It is to bring geographically distant people together. It is in a way a logical continuation of the powerful social network.

Of course, it will be possible to do a lot of things, work, play, watch a movie … It’s just a matter of imagination. In a world where long-distance, interconnected relationships are already commonplace, this is finally just the next step.

Is virtual reality the future of man?

VR . limits

FBnicknamed the group dead, is not the only one working on the metaverse. Other GAFAMs have also announced ground on the subject. Are metaviruses good or bad? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, not right now.

why ? Quite simply because many problems still exist with virtual reality. Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned it while introducing Metaverse, virtual reality has many flaws nowadays.

The main limitation is the feeling, which is nothing but visual and sound. It is not possible to create a physical sensation such as feeling the wind when using VR, or even smelling a scent. These limits are only physical but must be overcome to obtain complete immersion.

At the moment, there are already other problems that can be solved more easily. First the price, it is often too expensive for content to display. The working environment can also be improved. We can also mention motion sicknessFeeling nauseous after a virtual reality session. These three aspects repel potential users and slow down the progress of virtual reality.

When these usage problems are resolved, to what extent will we use virtual reality in our daily lives? This topic inevitably raises ethical and moral questions.

Is virtual reality the future of man?

Are we slowly heading into a world like Ready Player One where everyone is isolated at home and turned to virtual reality? In any case, these developments are accompanied by many illusions, but we are still only at the beginning of this technology. Only the future will tell us if VR will truly revolutionize our lives.


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