Malt and Comatch together to win in Europe

Malt and Comatch together to win in Europe


By Philip Guerrier | The | Professional job site

Malt, the French networking platform for freelance consulting, has acquired its German counterpart Comatch dedicated to business consulting. A new composition that changes the rules of the game. Point with the respective constituent teams.

Malt and Comatch founders: Jan Schächtele, Vincent Huguet, Christoph Hardt and Alexandre Fretti - © MANUEL NIEBERLE
Malt and Comatch founders: Jan Schächtele, Vincent Huguet, Christoph Hardt and Alexandre Fretti – © MANUEL NIEBERLE

A little brand brainstorming exercise: With the merger of Malt and Comatch, will we see an imminent debut for Comalt?

at this moment, beerThe French networking platform for independent consultancy, announced the acquisition of its German counterpart joint match.

An important step for the introduction of the European expansion roadmap after fundraising of €80 million in May 2021.

Malt has been monitoring Comatch’s activities since 2015. In 2021, a more formal business partnership was created in France. Now, with this integration, we can provide strategy to our clients through Comatch’s network of consultants, but also sourcing and delivery with experts in IT, design or graphics using the Malt network. “Announces Vincent Huguet, CEO and Co-Founder of Malt.

In the 355 billion euro freelance market in Europe, the new group has 1,000 clients and a workforce of 450 people. 150 recruitments are planned by the end of 2022.

Aiming for a turnover of 1 billion euros by 2024

“With Comatch we are changing the scale in terms of team, number of clients and reputation in Germany”, Explains Vincent Huguet, who has lived in Munich for two years to develop barley there.

“In 2022, the two companies will gradually learn to work together, while maintaining the separation of the two services and brands,” Vincent Huguet explains.

Through this alliance, Malt and Comatch has a database of 340,000 independent professionals and 15,000 management consultants and sector experts in eleven geographic regions, mainly in Europe.

  • France,
  • Austria ,
  • belgium,
  • Spain,
  • Holland,
  • Scandinavian countries ,
  • United kingdom,
  • swiss,
  • Middle East and North Africa.

The target for barley is to reach a turnover of 1 billion euros by 2024. France remains the largest market for barley. “We will reach a turnover of 350-400 million euros by the end of 2022”identifies Vincent Huguet.

Consulting and freelance work: the phenomenon is getting worse, according to the creators of Comatch

Comatch was founded at the end of 2014 by Christoph Hardt And Jan Shakhtili, and they are both former consultants to McKinsey Corporation. The company employs 130 people between Berlin (head office), Paris and London.

Present in nine markets including France since October 2017, “Comatch had a very international community from the start without the need to have local offices”identifies Vincent Huguet.

“We are seeing more and more companies finding real consulting professionals through self-employed platforms in Europe. Certainly this phenomenon that we see across all industries has intensified due to major resignations and the resulting talent shortage”Comment on Christoph Hardt and Jan Schechtelly who were contacted by RH Matin via email.

“At Comatch, we have also seen a 45% increase in project orders over the past year, driven by demand in the IT and data sectors. We also recognize that digital and strategy consulting are increasingly converging.”

“So how will the market for independent consulting in Europe evolve? Taking into account the previously mentioned factors, we believe the trend will continue. Platforms will become increasingly important and companies will often use a single point of access that brings together the best professionals who are able to support them from strategy to implementation. We have collaborated With Malt to respond to this trend.”

This money supports barley and komac

In their respective funding paths:

• Since its creation in 2014, Comatch has raised 12 million euros (4 million in July 2016 and 8 million in April 2018) from funds Acton Capital Partners, Atlantic Labs, btov Partners and FJ Labs;

• Since the creation of the previous Hopwork, which became Malt at the end of 2017, the French startup raised 5.5 million euros between 2014 and 2016 and then completed a funding round of 80 million in May 2021 with Goldman Funds Sachs Growth Equity, Eurazeo, Kerela and its historic investors Eisai and Serena.

All investors remain in the new composition of the Malt-Comatch group.


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