Meta (Facebook) is showing off its new high-end VR headset for the future metaverse

Meta (Facebook) is showing off its new high-end VR headset for the future metaverse


During the “Connect” conference, Meta (the new name of the Facebook group) teased the arrival of a new cutting-edge virtual reality headset. Now called Project Cambria, this device could land as early as next year.

Project Cambria

Facebook has been in the center of media attention since the keynote “Connection”. There is no longer any question about naming the group led by Mark Zuckerberg by that name, because the entity that brings together the social network Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus, is changing its name and is now called Meta.

During his conference, Meta raised the idea of ​​the arrival of a new and cutting-edge virtual reality headset. At the time of this writing, this device is hidden behind the name Project Cambria. For some, this headset is none other than the recently leaked Oculus Quest Pro.

Farewell Oculus

But beware: Meta has also turned its subsidiaries on its head by eliminating the Oculus brand. The company bought in 2014 for $2 billion no longer appears as the VR headset: it should now say Meta Quest instead of Oculus Quest, for both the app and the headset.

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At the moment, it is not known what Meta will call its future Project Cambria. But what is certain is that it will land with a whole new generation of consoles, possibly next year. It will also talk about new lenses that will reduce the thickness of the device. Good point for its design and weight.

Eye and face tracking in the menu

Meta will also integrate technologies fromEye And face recognition technology, dedicated to tracking eyes and facial expressions in order to better reproduce our feelings within a virtual environment. Finally, The Verge mentions the sensors and algorithms that will help reconstruct the real world around you as closely as possible.

In general, this Project Cambria You will actively participate in the new Meta metaverse strategy. This metaverse is nothing but aA fictional virtual world, in which individuals can develop in fixed and shared spaces, in three dimensions‘,” the CEO of the American group described during the keynote.

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