The advent of the metaverse and NFTs is already giving us an idea of ​​what will be the digital fashion of tomorrow. Thus, e-commerce giant Sarenza wants to be a leader in this field as it presents itself with its new muse Lisa Moretti a new face 2.0.

ModzicLisa She is 32 years old of French-Italian descent. She is a freelance interior designer because she loves her freedom and enjoys managing her days however she pleases. I settled in Montreuil to take advantage of the energy of the capital as well as the slow life and mix of cultures that this city to the east of Paris offers.

Modzicto Lisa Fashion is a way to experience and express mood and personality but its only rule is ‘there are no rules’. She loves to mix colors, styles, and genres, but as a responsible consumer, she thinks about what she buys to preserve her pieces for as long as possible.

Photo taken from Lisa’s Instagram ModzicGemini sign Virgo height Lisa Spontaneous by nature and has a sense of humor. So by naming her muse, E-Commerce Sarinza give to Lisa The possibility of highlighting all of its products in real life situations as well as its own lines in a permanent tone: “serious but not serious”.

ModzicMakes his sense of family and friendly values Lisa reliable person. Also, when she decides to go away for the weekend on a whim, her friends always follow her. She also loves to organize an impromptu dinner at home because table art is her second passion and she loves to wander around in karaoke. Her playlist is as diverse as her wardrobe since she left Desis to me Juliette Armant without forgetting Celine And Dua Lipa.

Photo taken from Lisa’s Instagram most girls of our time, Lisa She uses dating apps but doesn’t put any pressure on herself because today she puts herself first. This is his vision of boldness! Choose to think about it first, without worrying about how others think about style, function, or relationships. In 1 year or 5 years, Lisa She may be either or she has adopted 3 spaniels. Maybe it will be installed in Marseille or Milan! She doesn’t know that either. In any case, in addition to being an inquisitive and committed young woman of great character and true to herself, Lisa She is above all a young woman like you and me, totally imperfect but so proud of her!

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