More than a game, huge potential for humans.

More than a game, huge potential for humans.


Naomi Roth was born on Reunion Island where she spent her childhood leading conferences and a 1,300-member open community called “Virtuality for Reality – VR for good” recognizing her discovery of virtual reality through the ARTE 360 app. Il s’agissait d’une expédition au-dessus de l’Arctique et j’ai ressenti le même appel aux tripes que lorsque, enfant, je me trouvais « coincée » sur mon île, à des milliers de kilomètres de la terme ‘continent “.

Really interested in the topic, as she lives in Paris, I decided to embark on a study on the effects of virtual reality across the board. ” Virtual reality has opened up the same field of possibilities for me as my first flight to France. She showed me what was happening thousands of miles away, vividly, raw, wonderful. “Explains the former journalist.” I just had to put on a helmet and was transported to an “other reality”, which, ironically, seemed more real to me than my daily Parisian life, it seemed like a realization “.

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It was then that I realized that virtual reality presented itself as the anthropology of the future, as it now claims. ” The ability to transmit and breathe into your “reality” bits of “other realities” experienced by brains, consciousness, and cultures and formed from necessities other than those I can know, fascinates me. Then she discovered the potential of this technology, the limits of which we do not yet know. Added to this is the fact that she has always been passionate about science, technology and the mind. Through the experience of virtual reality glasses she measures the psychological aspect of the body. He just had to figure out how it works.

“Virtual reality can help students, better prepare surgeons before surgery, fight Alzheimer’s disease…”

After studying the topic, I noticed that publishers focus on the world of games and leisure. ” It’s a quick and easy way to make money ‘Sorry, Naomi Roth.’ We rushed headlong, forgetting that this technology isn’t very new and that we have abundant scientific literature and use cases that point to very different applications. It lists in particular education, health, physical and mental rehabilitation, phobia treatment, vocational training, hospital support, chronic pain relief, and many other things more promising than games.

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When I discovered that these sectors were not viewed according to their potential and positive impact, I created Virtuality for Reality, a community that nurtures news and research highlighting these sectors. ” There are many possible applications. Virtual reality can help students, better prepare surgeons before surgery, fight Alzheimer’s… She explained.

For her, everyone can use this tool to test the effect that every astronaut feels when he is in space and sees the Earth and its extreme fragility. “It doesn’t allow you to perceive that the atmosphere is like a soap bubble. Seeing that this is just our shield makes you less willing to poke holes in it, and it is inevitable that we become more ‘environmentally conscious'” “.

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Now what do we do with this virtual reality that shapes us with rich and innovative experiences, the former journalist asks. ” We should take a closer look at its effect on humans. ‘, she concludes in her presentation. We now know that virtual reality has the ability to act on the level of an individual’s identity. In these experiences, we are unique and act in accordance with our surroundings. We can sum up its effect on us in this sentence: I do. “.

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