Some of the ways virtual reality is changing design

Some of the ways virtual reality is changing design


Considered one of the best feature films of 2017, this American science fiction film Blade Runner 2049 presented a dark future in which virtual reality permeated everyday existence. For their part, designers are now exploring all possible useful and creative ways to take advantage of this innovation. Virtual reality as a technology is not new. It is no longer just for players. It’s found in everything from car sales to corporate training. In this article, we will explore some of the ways in which virtual reality is changing the world of virtual reality design.

Traveling while staying at home

One of the main advantages of the program Virtual Reality It is their ability to make the best experiences accessible to as many people as possible. In the past, to get to a distant museum or gallery, it was necessary to save for many years. And today, from now on, it is possible to “virtually” enter into an increasing number of cultural institutions.

As an example, we cite the extension Prado Museum (Museo Nacional del Prado) in Madrid. This organization has chosen to incorporate virtual reality technology into the design of its website. Thanks to virtual tours, users benefit from a fully immersive experience of navigating the galleries of the museum. They don’t need to be actually exists. This solution is perfect, especially on rainy days when you want to explore the museum without leaving home.

Reinventing the 3D design process

3D computing It seems to be a technique only taken from the popular sci-fi movie Minority Report. But at the moment, this new technology is becoming an accessible and affordable reality for people working in the design industries.

By using specialized headphones such as the Magic Leap One, users can view 3D projections as they work. This may seem fanciful. However, thanks to this solution, designers can work on designs on site. It is a dynamic and liberating work experience. In fact, stock struggle It has partnered with Magic Leap to deliver high-quality multimedia resources for spatial computing, helping its creators magic jump Create responsive mixed reality environments.

Some of the ways virtual reality is changing design

Virtual Reality Design: Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience

Many web designers have turned to technology augmented reality In order to provide a more interactive experience for users. Furniture manufacturers are already beginning to take advantage of the potential of this innovation. In fact, there are applications where consumers can effectively test the suitability of furniture for their homes.

Ikea’s Place app It is one of those revolutionary tools. This program not only facilitates decoration, but also leads to shopping. With it, you can preview almost 2000+ products through the iPhone app. You can even put it 3D Furniture Scale in your home with the iPhone’s camera lens. Thus, you will have a bunch of ideas for decorating your home at any time.

VR Design: Travel More Easily With AR Apps

For some people, travel is a stressful experience. Hence, most choose to pay higher fares to take advantage of the express boarding facilities or avoid the chaos of airports in private lounges. To make the travel process less stressful, designers focused on Augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

PLATFORM DIGITAL AGENCY I’ve found that an app that uses augmented reality technology can help travelers quickly determine their route and instantly locate doors, restaurants, and restrooms. Thanks to the additional features, you can even estimate the time and distance it takes to reach your gate.

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Touchscreen projections bring virtual reality home

Some designers have used virtual reality to give digitally enhanced interiors a more human touch. In association with HTC, Swift Creatives Studio Create the lamp Drop for the sake of the house. The stylish HTC Vive lamp is designed to be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted in the kitchen. The drop allows you to adjust the oven temperature. It also gives you cooking tips on how to prepare the ingredients.

Swift Creatives has also designed and prototyped mixed reality products to achieve a wide range of original functions in home environments. This includes everything from perfectly sliced ​​bread drops to a snowy landscape that interacts with household objects.

Sharing virtual reality experiences

Obviously a lot VR . products Existing helmets, like helmets, work by isolating the user in an environment that only they can see. However, some designers are looking to make virtual reality products more social and inclusive. industrial designer Ben Lorymore It is a solution to the virtual reality isolation experience with its Flow headset.

The front of the headset features a screen that reflects the virtual reality experience. This has a dual purpose. First, viewers can assess whether it is appropriate or safe to interact with or interrupt the user. Second, it allows them to see what the user is seeing. In other words, they are included in the VR experience as secondary users.

Some of the ways virtual reality is changing design

VR design, no limits to creativity

In recent years, more and more designers are incorporating virtual, augmented, and mixed reality into their work. Technology companies like Microsoft and Facebook Investing big money in developing products related to virtual reality. We can expect to see more changes coming to the world VR . design. Moreover, within the framework of virtual reality design, there are a lot of possibilities for designers.

Truth be told, immersive technology really needs designers to jump in, share, take risks and invent something new. The best way to start is to do VR / AR experience on your own if you haven’t done so already. Plus, if you’ve already tried it, it’s time to dive into a complete immersion. It is impossible to start designing without having experience in this matter.

Free VR / AR Apps

For beginners with low budget, it is necessary to download VR/AR apps from app stores. A large number of applications are still free. The choice is very wide. to clarify, Google Cardboard, is the cheapest way to start a virtual reality experience. If you feel more adventurous and have less moneyGoogle Daydream and Samsung Gear VR are more integrated and higher quality experiences.

For those with bigger wallets, Oculus, HTC Vive and Sony It offers advanced platforms that focus more on gaming. However, costs can be steep, from $949 to PlayStation VR Pack Several thousand dollars complete for a Vive or Oculus system with a high-end PC. These systems also require technical knowledge.

Fashion embraces virtual and augmented reality

Some of the ways virtual reality is changing design

Over the past decade, innovation in fashion has grown exponentially. There are two main reasons for this. Especially the growing consumer appetite for better experiences and environmental emergencies that Drive sustainability innovation.

Whatever the reason, the future of the virtual reality world seems to be in fashion more exciting than anticipated. Here are some of the most interesting virtual shopping experience apps to try right now.

Dior Experience

This application allows you to try wearing sunglasses from your tablet or smartphone.

Sephora, L’Oreal, Charlotte Tilbury and Rimmel

These are AR apps like “ModiFace” that allow you to do that Test lipstick and other products With videos and photos on mobile.

Burberry Arquette

Apple’s iOS mobile augmented reality brings the power to it Digitally redesign the environment Inspired by Burberry by Dani Sangra.

Puma LQD Cell Origin Air

Sneakers covered with QR codes that allow stretch A variety of augmented reality experiences. It can be scanned with a mobile phone camera, with fun filters and effects and even games.

Balmain VR

This application allows you to go behind the scenes of the fashion house and enjoy the content and the live broadcast of its presentation in augmented reality.

John Lewis: “Visualize Your Space”

A new VR experience for View Products in your home before you buy it.

Asos: “virtual platform”

A new experimental AR feature on the app, offering a new way to view their products in person.

In addition, Tommy Hilfiger presents Virtual reality headsets in stores. Invites you to immerse yourself in a 360-degree experience of the brand’s fall-winter show.

In addition, Coach has installed VR headsets in stores in 10 malls across the United States. Thus, consumers can have access to the latest fashion shows. As for Gap, it has revealed a VR installation room that allows consumers to experience its lines digitally.


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