square goes to the blackboard

square goes to the blackboard


Box announced the arrival of a new tool this fall: Box Canvas. Canvas is a digital whiteboard associated with Box documents where teams can collaborate with diagrams, wireframes, and connectors. Collaborators can be highlighted or receive notifications and perform actions from the whiteboard.

Canvas will be free for Box subscribers. The tool will take advantage of the publisher’s security settings to prevent content from being shared with the wrong people. These security features have made Box particularly popular with sensitive businesses and law firms.

Last year, Box already added a digital signature for free for some subscriptions, while it previously required a third-party subscription such as Adobe, HelloSign, and DocuSign.

Adding features without charging for them demonstrates Box’s desire to counterattack against competitors such as OneDrive (included in Microsoft 365), Google Drive, France’s Oodrive (which also targets critical and sensitive uses) or players in the industry. ‘Enterprise Content Management.

The Great Hybrid Action Bazaar

On a larger scale, companies are still trying to find the best tools for hybrid work. Many employees are working from home and in the office, others are back at 100%, and this is not without tensions. In addition, the proliferation of collaborative solutions to manage this “new normal” is creating “chaos,” summarizes Aaron Levy, founder and CEO of Box.

“It can become more and more chaos [en VO “messy”, N.D.R.]because we’re only in the first phase of true hybrid work,” he progresses. “When we talk to our clients, it’s clear that the work is going to remain largely hybrid — which includes new behaviors about how we collaborate, how we visualize, how we brainstorm, how we work together — In person or remotely.

Square Canvas UI
Canvas, a new digital whiteboard from BOX

Hence the interest in virtual whiteboards like Canvas to visually simplify these creative exchanges. Box isn’t the only one to pay close attention to “whiteboards.” Microsoft is reworking this feature for OneDrive for Business. And while Dropbox doesn’t currently have a native whiteboard feature, it’s possible to integrate this from third-party providers like Miro.

The whiteboard is also a new function recently introduced by Zoom and one of the main levers of the planetary success of French Klaxoon.

Create tools for new uses of hybrid work

Refining search using machine learning and the ability to push content based on the user are also in Box’s roadmap.

The publisher is also working on ways to republish work results to collaborators who weren’t around at the time, T.” It’s a whole new series of scenarios. [du travail hybride]It’s up to us to create the show to meet them,” Aaron Levy enthuses.


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