The net income group share was 9.9 ME

The net income group share was 9.9 ME


Over the entire fiscal year 2021,’s consolidated sales increased 54% to 502.6 ME versus 325 ME achieved in the prior year. This development was driven by the quality of business dynamism based on a demand-adapted service offering (+24% organic growth) and the group’s strategic and cumulative acquisitions.

In France, sales increased 48% to 406.4 ME over the year as a whole. Internationally, it shows strong growth of 86% to 96.2 ME, benefiting in particular from the integration of Helvetic Payroll into accounts since November 1, 2021. Total activity performed internationally increased by 19% of the group’s turnover in 2021.

Taking into account the 12-month activity volume of all group subsidiaries, the initial turnover for 2021 amounts to €671 million, an increase of 107% compared to the consolidated revenue of business for 2020, while EBITDA increased by 150 % and operating profit by 162%.

Strong EBITDA growth

Consolidated accounts for the fiscal year 2021 show that EBITDA is 15.2 million pounds, compared to 10.1 million pounds in 2020, an increase of 50% over one year. Operating profit increased 55% to 13.8 ME versus 8.9 ME in the previous year for a constant operating margin from one fiscal year to the next.

This performance is more satisfactory in that it includes the realization of several strategic investments in human resources, marketing and information technology. This is the best support for companies and their outside talent, preparing for future growth.

After taking into account the financial and exceptional results, and the profit tax of 2.1 million pounds, the net result amounted to 10 million pounds, compared to 8.8 million pounds in 2020. The net share of the group was 9.9 million pounds, an increase of 19%.

Promote fairness and strong financial capabilities

At the end of 2021, the group benefited from an enhanced balance sheet structure with equity of 116.2 million pounds, compared to 47.8 million pounds in the previous year. This change resulted from various acquisitions made in 2021, some of which were partially funded by the issue of new shares.

With net debt declining at 47 million pounds, the group determines that already negotiated bank credit lines can be available to finance its external growth strategy and contribute to the establishment of the leading European entrepreneurial company.

Double digit growth target for 2022 and 1 MdE in 2025

The positive business trend, the quality of the current business momentum and the integration over twelve months of offerings and skills from the recently acquired companies make the group particularly confident in its development prospects. intends to expand its value proposition by structuring acquisitions of companies that share the same vision of the “future of work”, possess specific or complementary technical knowledge or are established in new geographies with high potential. In order to strengthen its position as a key player in Europe.
In this context, aims to achieve double-digit growth in its turnover in 2022, and reiterates its intention to reach 1 billion euros in turnover by 2025.

upcoming meetings

? May 16, 2022: First Quarter Revenue
? June 17, 2022: Ordinary General Assembly meeting.


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