The thousand and one independent face in numbers

The thousand and one independent face in numbers


In France, as elsewhere, the number of self-employed continues to grow with no signs of slowing down.

In the era of decentralized work, the self-employed worker was among the first to leave the pay ranks. In a changing world, it has many faces. We tell you the numbers.

Freelancers who surf the internet

A Boston Consulting Group survey titled Decoding Digital Talent 2021 monitors signs of digital transformation in the hybrid world of work. 75% of the self-employed reported a significant improvement in their productivity since starting their freelance activity, aided by flexibility in choosing where they work. Furthermore, an argument appealing to 48% of respondents to adopt this situation. In addition, 68% of digital workers say they are willing to work remotely for an employer who does not live in their country.

Educated Features

When we take a closer look at the origin of freelancers, the data suggests that freelancers have increasingly qualified profiles. Thus, self-employment will be on the rise among the most educated people. Freelance Forward 2021 survey published by recruitment platform until work Emphasizes: 51% of American freelancers have the equivalent of BAC+5, a figure that is 6% more than in 2020.

This figure contrasts with the percentage of the self-employed with a bachelor’s degree, which was 31% in 2021. To give an idea, in France, in 2020, in 2020, 45% of the self-employed have a master’s degree, compared to 9% of bachelor’s and 1% of doctoral students.

These numbers therefore indicate that self-employment is increasing increasingly It focuses on specific skills but also depends on individuals’ ability to leave a stable job and ease their start in a particular financial instability. However, instability does not frighten individuals who take the initiative. In fact, the desire for flexibility transcends these concerns and makes a great argument for them 78% of respondents are self-employed in the United States.

A risk paying since, again according to until workAnd 44% of independent respondents said they are paid better From a “traditional” function. Thus, the risks to which they are exposed are measured.

The end of the independent-hermit?

Today, activism is becoming more democratic and it is preferred to create online communities that bring together freelancers. According to a survey conducted by a content marketing platform CREDESAnd 60% of freelancers are registered on dedicated platforms. While some freelancers cherish their independence, these groups are growing in popularity and allow freelancers to be grouped by specialty and interests. As evidence, between 2008 and 2016, CREDES An increase of 1822% of registered users is observed.

Like the link between the company and freelancers, platforms like beerAnd The best of the best or Pfeiffer Offers independent missions to registrants. In particular, they allow Stay connected to the market, develop your experience in specific tasks and above all build a network. In fact, according to CREDESAnd 49% of the self-employed lack a strong professional network to keep them active.

The Independent, the Master of Continuous Learning

Finally, according to a study by the freelance work platform beer BCG, the latter will pass On average half a day a week to develop their skills or conduct sectoral observation. Essential, monitoring allows them to develop their skills or keep abreast of the latest developments in their field.

For companies looking to hire outside talent, this data is even more valuable given that the average age of a digital skill is said to be five years, according to reports. beer. And therefore , The self-employed attract 69% of SMEs in France, 77% of Spanish and 43% of Germans.


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