This new tool will greatly facilitate the life of videographers

This new tool will greatly facilitate the life of videographers


Premiere Pro just added directly to its Creative Cloud subscription. Obviously, this means that this very practical solution to annotating video projects and working together on editing will become more and more popular with most users of the program.

Adobe Premiere Pro: This new tool will make life easier for videographers
Source: Adobe

If you’ve written four-handed text using Google Docs, or filled out a table with several people on Google Sheets, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find these tools very practical.

They allow you to interact directly on a project with other people, to leave comments directly on the project, without having to resort to a subdocument that collects all the edits or feedback. Well, Adobe decided to incorporate this same principle into its editing software, Premiere Pro.

This solution is called and will now be integrated directly into your Creative Cloud subscription. Previously, to equip it, it was already necessary to resort to installing the plugin, paying an additional subscription. This is no longer the case. And given how much can remotely collaborate on video creation, it should quickly become a must.

What is

The idea is simple: once your montage is satisfying enough to show to strangers, a client or a collaborator for example, you can send them a link that allows them to view and comment on it directly.

Concretely, the person concerned will be able to add a comment directly in the video playback bar, so that he does not have to search for time code in every note. Save valuable time. “No more collecting comments through spreadsheets or emails”Adobe writes in the version that introduces the feature.

In addition, the commentator has the option to draw directly on the video to highlight a point they wish to edit.

If you are used to working with different versions of the same project, the dropdown menu at the top of the interface allows you to switch from your V1 to your V3 or any other version as you like.

custom tab

So it is indeed a very complete tool that has just been added to Premiere Pro. Adobe also seems determined to aggressively promote its new solution. The company behind Photoshop or Acrobat has simply added a new tab called “Review” which brings together all the collaborative projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro: This new tool will make life easier for videographers
The Adobe Review tab is invited to access this new tool. // Source: Frandroid

Format only limit: You can only upload 100GB of content to the cloud for sharing. Adobe promises to allow collaboration on up to 5 different projects. Let’s add that to take advantage of this new feature a account is required.

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