Virtual Reality 2 is coming to Quest 2 and PC VR this month

Virtual Reality 2 is coming to Quest 2 and PC VR this month


The studio behind the virtual reality game The Under Presents, Tender Claws, has revealed the upcoming version of Virtual Virtual Reality 2. This is of course a sequel to the surreal adventure game dubbed Virtual Virtual Reality. If there are no changes, the new VR title should be released on Meta Quest 2 And crack February 10 next. Copy SteamVR It is also expected on February 17.

Virtual Virtual Reality adventure game is one of the best virtual reality experiences for players who have a thing for very deep narrative experiences. It takes them to an imaginary virtual world. In the title, they must therefore join a large future company. Their main goal is to fulfill the wildest dreams of customers. In order to allow VR fans to relive the adventure in a different way, its developer, Tender Claws, has announced a sequel to it, Virtual Reality 2. The new VR title promises to be even more interesting. The first trailer is available to preview its content.

Virtual Reality 2: A brand new adventure not to be missed

Virtual Reality 2, of course, builds on the events of its predecessor. However, he will present a new version of his world. This time, humans and AI will retire in a virtual world called scottsdale. It is a peaceful digital paradise.

Unfortunately, the platform funding will be withdrawn. The servers will then start shutting down. Before it is too late, the player will have to find a solution. In short, we can expect a full story Reflections And parody. According to the trailer for the new VR title, you’ll also benefit from new items and features not found in the original game.

Among these, players will be able to, among other things, a mechanical pilot and slow down time to defeat their enemies. In any case, we hope that, like its predecessor, Virtual Reality 2 will feature a very deep narrative experience. After all, Tender Claws still stands out for its amazing and wonderful VR experiences. Note that the new VR game will cost $29.99 at release.


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