Virtual Reality launched on PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality launched on PlayStation VR


Is it to compete with the brand new and beautiful Oculus Quest? However, Sony also pampers its fans who own PlayStation VR. Virtual reality now comes to the helmet.

The information first appeared on the Playstation blog between the releases of the new console. The developers also confirmed the information. We bring you presentations of this game in virtual reality for PS VR.

Virtual reality plays on the narrative experience

For those who are not familiar with VR, this is one of the best VR experiences for those who have a weakness for deep narrative experiences. In the story, she joins a giant futuristic company. its concept? Realize the wildest dreams of customers but very quickly in the company You discover that the reality is darker than what the company’s salespeople promise.

The result is a well-developed and well-narrated narrative experience that makes almost perfect use of the potential of virtual reality. So the virtual reality game was launched on Tuesday, May 21st. be careful, She still has to pay $19.99. If you give in to the Oculus Quest, this game is also available there. It’s also found in Google DayDream, Rift, Oculus Go, or even Vive… Depending on the headset, there are of course small differences. Anyway, this virtual reality game should be one of the essentials in your VR game library.


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