What if I became a freelance coach?

What if I became a freelance coach?


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Why is trainer training necessary?

Being a freelance coach means combining three professions into one. That teacher, expert and entrepreneur. Technical experience, which often constitutes almost all the skills required for previous jobs, is now only one of the dimensions necessary to ensure the sustainable activity of your training organization.

DOCEO Formation provides future coaches with the tools to succeed in this change of situation by acquiring skills in teaching and business administration.

To do this, DOCEO has developed an e-learning program consisting of 160 hours of training, divided into three modules: become a teacherAnd Become a freelance coach and 2.0 And Understanding quality issues in vocational training.

Thus it is a matter of creating their own training content and structuring learning according to target audiences and expected progress. These skills are validated by the “Designing a Hybrid Learning Path: Face-to-Face and Distance” certification.

The formation of a microorganism requires training with a specific condition and limitations. Vocational training is a consumer good like any other: you have to analyze market needs, calibrate your response, define your goals, and produce a business brochure. This unit accompanies the new coach in launching and managing his activity using improved digital tools.

Finally, assessing the added value of training and trainee satisfaction is an essential step for improving the content or delivery method. Our trainers learn how to set up a working methodology to work in full compliance with the requirements of the Qualiopi Standard, the reference for quality in training.

What additional services do you provide?

In addition to our coaching activity, we support launching our learners into this new phase of their career, by offering them exemplary insight on our networking platform.

Over 1,000 skills are referenced there which makes it possible to highlight our trainers’ profiles. Our training mission is carried out in partnership with organizations and companies, who regularly request trainers on our platform.

Instructors find free help in managing their activity, with the possibility to write an apprenticeship CV, or publish their annual educational and financial reports.

Our goal is their success and achievement in this new phase of their career. DOCEO Formation offers dedicated support. Changing the state, embarking on training is exciting and scary. We answer all questions and encourage and advise learners up to their first training assignments.

Does this enthusiasm for the position of independent coach concern all sectors?

There is a general tendency based on the desire for independence, responsibility and harmonization of professional and personal life.

The past two years and the permanent installation of remote work have accelerated this trend, which until now represented mainly among young graduates entering the labor market.

It is now easy to consider self-entrepreneur status as a potential alternative to paid work. This affects all sectors.

On the other hand, DOCEO specifically encourages retraining in stressful occupations which offers retraining as an independent coach opportunities to make the labor market more flexible or to improve the quality of life at work.

This is particularly the case in construction or industrial trades, where a professional cannot bear daily hardship in the same way at the beginning or end of his or her career. Professional retraining as an independent coach allows enhancing one’s experience while creating a suitable quality of life.

Some professions also suffer from a shortage of manpower. Developing a training offer allows this to be addressed and business needs met, particularly in the context of apprenticeships. This concerns, for example, plumbing, construction or industrial maintenance.


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