Women and the Self-Employed: Make a Different Career

Women and the Self-Employed: Make a Different Career


The employee still has many advantages. However, some women don’t see it that way and see their career differently when they become self-employed.

The payer no longer makes them dream

Easy access to housing, unemployment insurance, social security in case of illness, maternity leave, paid leave … Work has undeniable advantages. But some women don’t see it that way and see their careers differently: they have chosen to move beyond persistent wage inequality, outdated hierarchical systems, and sometimes devastating administrative pressure. They have taken the lead for more freedom, select missions, and a better quality of life. How do ? By becoming a freelancer.

Of the 10,000 qualified IT professionals in our community, nearly 1,000 are women. This is not enough, technical and data professions have not yet attracted enough women. The IT sector is largely dominated by men, and there are still very few female “models of success”.

What are the barriers to becoming a freelance woman?

Financial uncertainty is undoubtedly the number one obstacle I notice when speaking with independent women in our society. You have to accept the risk of not knowing if there will be tasks available in the medium term and learn to live with vision in 6 months.

Sometimes it is inconvenient or incompatible with real estate projects that banks do not necessarily follow. However, there is no shortage of IT work, but banks need many accounting trainings to trust you. If you want to become a freelancer, make sure you don’t get stuck in your personal projects, even if it means putting off your freelance project for a year or two.

There are moments in life when it is difficult to begin, I myself have been a freelancer for 7 years, and in general I find it very virtuous; But this fluctuates over time and I understand that a young single mother might see it differently.

I also think that some women don’t yet feel able to run their own business, business side, administrative aspects, etc… Do women trust themselves less to be their own boss? It’s possible but not logical, there is a lot of training and resources to get started, and it’s entirely possible to delegate accounting, billing or other time-consuming tasks.

Some of our freelancers have gone through a period of pay to quietly test their project and take advantage of employment benefits (social security coverage, pension contribution, provident fund, right to training, etc.). The port company that pays it also handles the administrative procedures.

Finally, women are less inclined to network, and professional circles leading to meetings and job opportunities are often reserved for men. But that tends to change with the initiatives being taken by women everywhere in France.

Benefits of female self-employment

Being a woman is an element of differentiation that can facilitate task-seeking: in highly masculine realms such as information technology, a woman can bring her sensitivity and empathy, thus proving to be a real advantage to facilitate teamwork.

With equal skills, freelance women are paid equal to that of men, selected for their skills and according to the relevant ADR (Average Daily Rate) of the market. Good way to get rid of wage inequality anymore.

The blurring of the income generated in the medium term is largely offset by the gains of freedom: the freedom to decide, work, and organize. Being independent is satisfying: we are active in our success, our tasks are diverse and we organize ourselves as we please! Undeniable convenience in life with less time spent on transportation, endless meetings and more time for you and your loved ones.

However, there are still many gray areas regarding self-employment and the instability of this situation, especially for those working in recruitment and delivery platforms. There are many avenues for improvement, and we can hope for a lot from the upcoming elections, or even from a European consensus on the topic of putting one’s self-employed with rights in line with the world of employment. But for those who are lucky enough to work in high-value professions such as technology and data, this is a real opportunity to adopt this new way of working and living.


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